5 Ways To Get Your Break In The Australian Music Industry

Hi, I'm Isaac Shepard. Consider keeping your day job while you write new songs, play live gigs and establish yourself in the music community in your town. Because I think the job of a songwriter and a record producer is to bring out the artist in the person performing the song. I think this is probably another topic for another time, but for starters, you can have all your social media profiles point to your websites, whether it's from Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud or another site.

That's where applying for something like the Grass Roots Indie Development (or GRID) Series comes in. Each year, eight lucky artists from Melbourne's greater south east are hand-picked to receive mentorship from industry names like Tash Sultana's manager David Morgan, The Smith Street Band's publicist Danae Effern, and VVV Management maestro Tom Larkin.

If you're having a slow month without activity on your own label embed links to studio sessions, live gigs you've had recorded or even to videos for tracks by other artists you admire, to show not only that your label is ‘on the move', it's also aware of what else is going on in the industry and that it can be the place to get a real sense of what's happening out there in your Professional Development chosen genre or style.

The truth is, a career in music isn't just your career, it's also your mistress, because you love it, you spend all your time wanting to do it, you'll spend all your weekends and nights thinking about it, you sacrifice a lot of conventional relationship time and that isn't always easy.

Assuming you're past the stages of finding great band members to work with (if necessary) and have made high-quality recordings of your songs, here's a list of 50 music marketing strategies to get you started in growing your music career. If you want to learn more about music marketing and how to effectively start pushing your music out there, I suggest you download my free ‘ Introduction To Music Marketing ' ebook.

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